Lots of hard work, but lots of fun too (if it’s done right). But how to get off on the right foot? Wouldn’t it be just marvelous if some clever person with years of event-planning experience (and great taste) could steer you down the right path towards all the great decisions and vendors you need to throw a gorgeous day? 

planning a wedding:

the most exciting time you can imagine.

Yes it would.

Someone who’s always got your back

Until you’ve done it yourself, you don’t truly understand how many tiny decisions need to be made on the run-up to such an important day. Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes to get behind your decisions, make brilliant alternative suggestions, or simply be a sounding board for some of your quirkier ideas. 

After planning my fair share of weddings, I’ve learned a few golden rules and magic tricks that make planning a wedding a joy.

All we need is a little inspiration, a Pinterest board or two, and that special can-do spirit that’s behind every single beautiful wedding you’ve ever been to. 

You, me, and a few (dozen) cups of coffee are going to make something great 

Your new dream team  

meet julie

I’m passionate about making your planning experience as memorable as your wedding.

Please consider me your confidant. Someone to take your side, listen to all of your ideas, and get things done. 

When you bring me on board, you’re engaging the services of someone who cares deeply about you and your event. Not only will I cover everything you’d expect a wedding planner to cover, but I will also go above and beyond at every junction. I’ll back your choice of wedding dress (even if your sister doesn’t like it), I’ll help you carefully steam your grandmother’s 70-year-old lace veil, and I’ll bring you a coffee when you most need it. 

By the time your wedding comes around, I’ll practically be a member of the family. And I’ll have probably seen you topless at some point (Dress fittings. I’m talking about dress fittings). I’ll be the glue that holds all of the beautiful pieces of your wedding together, while simultaneously putting out fires you don’t even know about (yes, I will tell you everything when you get back from your honeymoon!). 

If you’re one of my planning clients, we are getting straight down to business. You and I are going to be spending a lot of time together. During our initial meetings, I will study your event must-haves and if-onlys, identify your concerns and challenges, and review all of your inspiration materials. From there, we’ll develop an event concept and design that truly reflects you and your story, followed by a plan to make your dreams a reality. Vendor meetings. Detail selections. Planning meetings (online or in studio - your pick!). I’ll be right there with ya!

If you’re one of my coordination clients, I’ll be in touch closer to your event to review and consolidate all of the final details. But don’t worry - I’m just a phone call or email away for anything you need while you are planning. And you’re always invited to Studio events if you want to come hang out in the meantime!

It’s time for the fun stuff. 

step three

You talk it over and decide that I’m the girl for the job. A little, tiny bit of boring business ensues - package selection, contract, deposit. All online and super simple.

making a decision.

step two

It all starts with a phone call or a Zoom meeting, during which we chat like old friends, you tell me your love story and wedding dreams, and I share a few of the finer details of my services. 

Reach out to me.

Step One

the process

We’re the first to arrive, the last to leave. My team and I will be on-site all day to hold your hand, fluff your veil, round up groomsmen, assist elderly grandparents to their seats, wrangle vendors, tweak floral arrangements, straighten place settings, and just about anything else you can think of. When you suddenly remember something that hasn’t been done, rest assured I am already on it. 

The big day!

step four

the investment

We customize all of our packages to suit our clients’ exact needs and requirements. But if you need a starting point, here’s a look at standard packages and starting prices. 

explore our packages

full planning

For those who want the full experience. If you have limited time and want to hand over any potential stress to someone else, or you just want a professional by your side from start to finish, our most elaborate service package is the one for you. Full Planning provides an extensive experience that gives you access to everything we offer. From initial concept to event follow-up, we are with you every step of the way. 

(from $7000)

Includes everything in Partial Planning, plus:

  • Unlimited phone and email communication
  • Ongoing planning meetings
  • Unlimited vendor recommendations
  • Accompaniment to vendor meetings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Liaison services between client and vendors
  • Budget creation with ongoing tracking

yes, please!

partial planning

Not quite sure about needing a full planner? No problem. Partial Planning allows you to hold on to the reins of your event, but with the safety net of having a professional by your side. The best of both worlds, this package is ideal if you’ve already booked key vendors and are ready to move into design, décor, and details. 

(from $4500)

Includes everything in the Coordination package, plus:

  • Monthly planning meetings
  • Development of event concept and design
  • Initial vendor recommendations
  • Budget creation
  • Contract review and suggested modifications

yes, please!


For the client who is planning their event and wants a professional to execute their plan and vision, our Event Coordination services will transition the roles as your event nears so that you can enjoy your event sans stress. With this package, we begin approximately six weeks prior to your event. Gathering your contracts and details, we consolidate everything into a cohesive plan that we coordinate with all members of your vendor team.

(from $2500)


  • Contract review
  • Confirmation of services with all vendors
  • Final venue walk-through and planning meeting
  • Creation of event timeline and layouts
  • Rehearsal coordination
  • Event management

yes, please!

the fine print

To be honest, there is very little you could ask me to do that I’ll say no to. I want you to have the day that’s been clogging up your daydreams. You want a super rare brand of English gin served at your reception? I will board that plane to London and haul you back a case of it. You want that band you loved when you were twenty-one to play during your first dance? I will track them down. My mission is to make it happen. Whatever “it” is. 

The calendar fills up quickly around here! Let’s be honest - there are only so many weekends in a year to party and only so many hours in the day to plan. Because we pride ourselves on such a high level of customer service, we only take on so many events at a time. Want a spot on our calendar? It’s time to talk business.


let's make this happen

A few years back, I did an honest-to-God DNA test that told me I possessed a special gene found only amongst the very strongest people in the world. Now, I’m no bodybuilder (yet), but I think that’s pretty cool. 

But if I don’t take up bench pressing, I do have plenty of things that I like to fill my life with outside of my business. Planning the next family RV trip, checking another National Park off my bucket list, and perfecting my apple dumpling recipe (extra whipped cream, natch). 

hi, i'm julie

more about julie

Football lovin’ mom of four (five if you count the dog) 

She helped plan and manage our wedding for 200 people from start to finish and I can say, without a doubt, our day was perfect because of her! Julie somehow manages every detail but gets the big picture as well. She is a master at tactfully coordinating and negotiating with vendors, she hears your vision and does everything in her power to bring it to life, and she is the most kind, wonderful, and fun person you could ever ask to work with! Julie is a dream. If you are considering planning an event of any size, you can't go wrong working with Julie - she will help make your day perfect and take a tremendous amount of stress off of you in the process!”

"Julie is incredible!

It’s never too early to book us, even if you don’t yet have a date or venue.

It’s go-time. If you want an experienced, caring, passionate planner who feels more like a friend than hired help, then you know what to do. 

Nobody ever got what they wanted by dawdling.

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