They are the most sublime days full of love, laughter, and extremely questionable dancing, but they can be a little hectic on the run-up, am I right? Simply because – in order to do it right – you need to be meticulously organized, super decisive, and utterly committed to the task at hand. This is where an experienced, trustworthy event planner who’s on the same page as you really comes in handy. 

Did we just become best friends?

Weddings are the absolute best.

meet julie

Insightful event planning that never loses focus of what YOU want.

We understand that you’re super busy. So busy, in fact, you probably don’t have time to read this sentence, right? On top of your usual to-do list, now you’ve got a wedding to plan. HOW will it all get done? 

that's where we come in.

As experienced event planners, we have more than a few tricks up our sleeves. And by “tricks” we mean tried-n-tested time-saving measures that will effortlessly streamline the process. Checklists, budget-tracking, document portals and, of course, The Studio (our in-house wedding design hub) all simplify the planning journey, leaving you free to bask in your engagement.

Weddings should be fun. 

They shouldn’t be stressful or hard to plan, they should be a non-stop party that you’ll never forget. It’s our job (and joy) to take on the planning and execution of your wedding so that you can focus on the parts you enjoy most. You might be really excited about browsing calligraphy artists for the wedding stationery, or listening to potential wedding bands. Whereas trawling through wedding photographers or searching for the perfect napkin might fill you with dread. Having a planner take on the parts you find most stressful frees you up for the fun stuff. Even if the only bit you really want to focus on is the party…

Race you to the dance floor

And if, like most of our clients, you’d rather we help out with all of it, we can do that too! 

I was a latch key kid growing up, which means I had plenty of time alone. For something to do during those parent-free afternoons at home, I taught myself to cook and, in doing so, started to experiment with increasingly extravagant tablescapes. I would cook dinner for my parents and present it on elaborate tables with formal place settings and handcrafted menus. And bless my parents, no matter how exhausted they were from their long working days, they always allowed me to play hostess. This is where my love of entertaining began. 

Abandoning a career in government contracts, I followed a friend’s advice and started planning weddings. It’s a career that speaks to me in that way that only the right career can. I have never looked back and thank my lucky stars every day that I took the plunge. 

hi, i'm julie

The woman you need on your team 

She is an incredibly dedicated professional who takes so much pride in her work, and it shows in every aspect. I didn't even know half of the things that went down at my own wedding until after the fact because Julie took care of every single one of them. She's kind, so caring, and SO GOOD at what she does. I work as a professional photographer and have worked with Julie on several occasions, so when it came time to plan my own wedding, I knew just who I wanted to hire as our planner/coordinator. She has the strongest work ethic, goes above and beyond, and does it all with a smile and kindness. There wasn't a second that I didn't feel her support or know that she had absolutely everything under control. Worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.”

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Julie! 

No idea where to start and feeling a little lost? i've got you.

Brimming with ideas and need an experienced sounding board to bounce them off? 

Well, let’s see. I think we’ll get along just fine if you…
  • Love a high-end brand (like Kate Spade - personal fave of mine) but appreciate a good practical bargain at the same time (Hello, Target) 
  • Know the difference between timeless and trendy 
  • Love a party, but appreciate the joy of a plan-free evening in 
  • Are sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere
  • Are full of ideas, but need a killer list of contacts to pull them off
  • Have no idea where to start 
  • Could really use a friend who knows what she’s doing  

So are we a good fit?

I really do care about your event like it’s my own. Investing in my clients on a personal level is the only way I know how to work, which gives my services a warm-hug-on-a-cold-day kinda feel. By the end of our planning journey, you’ll likely be eager to plan another one so we can hang out some more. In short, my clients really do become my friends. And I never let a friend down. 

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A handful of things to know about me that have absolutely nothing to do with work: 

I’m addicted to whipped cream. The REAL stuff. Ice cream, pie, coffee. If I can add whipped cream to it, it’s happening.
I LOVE flamingos. Seriously. I’d get one as a pet if not for the considerable impracticalities. 
During the pandemic, my husband and I sold our home and took off around the country in an RV with our four kids. Crazy? Possibly. Fun? Definitely. 
I’m a true blue Maryland girl - born and bred - and have lived within a 5-mile radius my entire life. But I don’t like crabcakes. Weird.
I’m currently teaching myself to play guitar. I don’t suck, but I need more practice (will trade event planning for guitar lessons).